Esterline Research and Design is proud to announce the release of our newest product, the SCH300. This surface mount OCXO incorporates ERD’s patented MSAC compensation architecture, providing exceptional frequency stability over operating temperature. With the SCH300, stability of +/- 0.25 ppb is achievable, a specification generally associated with larger, leaded package OCXOs that require significantly more power.


Key Features:

  • Enhanced Stability: The SCH300 offers frequency stability as good as +/- 0.25 ppb, ensuring reliable performance across various operating conditions.
  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 22 mm x 25.4 mm, the SCH300 provides a space-saving solution without compromising performance.
  • Voltage Options: Customers can choose between a 3.3V or 5.0V supply, accommodating different system requirements.
  • Frequency Selection: The SCH300 is available at standard frequencies of 10, 12.8, 20, 25, and 100MHz, providing options to suit various applications.
  • Output Variability: This product offers a choice between a 7 dBm nominal sinewave into 50 ohms or a CMOS square wave signal, ensuring compatibility with different systems.


The SCH300 represents Esterline Research and Design’s commitment to innovation and excellence in frequency control technology. We are confident that this new product will provide our customers with a reliable and high-performing solution for their frequency control needs.