SCH300: Ultra-Stable OCXOs

Our SCH300 Series OCXOs offer levels of stability over temperature that have traditionally only been available in double-oven oscillators.

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Try Our DA100 Series Distribution Amplifiers

Our low-noise distribution amplifiers are daisy-chainable, and embeddable in rack mount and benchtop systems.

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Oscillator Testing Services

100 years of oscillator engineering experience makes Esterline Research a perfect choice for qualification, fault analysis, and suitability studies for your application.

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Quickly establishes lock to a 1PPS input while achieving G-sensitivity performance of less than 0.01 ppb/g

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Custom-Designed Test Systems

We will work with you to create custom-designed and manufactured test systems for all oscillator parametric testing such as freq. vs. temp, ADEV, microjumps, aging, and more! Channel counts exceeding 1000 per system are possible.

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ERD⁠: For All Your Frequency Control Needs


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