LGH100 Series OCXOs

Our LGH100 Series OCXOs offer super low G-Sensitivity as low as 0.01ppb/g. The LGH100 also integrates our patented M-SAC technology to achieve temperature stability unobtainable by double-oven OCXOs in a single-oven design!

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LGT100 Series TCXO

Our LGT100 Series TCXOs offer super low G-Sensitivity as low as 0.005ppb/g. The LGT100 also integrates our patented M-SAC technology to achieve temperature stabilities of an OCXO with TCXO power consumption!

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Microjump Testing

Micro jumps are an oscillator phenomenon where the frequency of the oscillator changes suddenly. These events are often random and non repeatable. The sudden change in frequency (thus phase) can cause many phase lock loops to lose lock. Esterline Research and Design performs micro jump testing on virtually any electronic oscillator.

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Esterline Research and Design's experienced engineers provide consulting in a wide variety of subject matter. We offer consulting services in the following areas; Frequency Control, Micro-Controllers, Test and Automation, RF Circuit Design and Board layout, Ceramic design (substrate and multi-layer packages), and general programming and coding for a variety of applications.

Attention to Detail

At Esterline Research Design, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. The very core of our existence is built on it and the concept that "close enough is never enough". Whether it's design, manufacturing or consulting, we strive for perfection.

M-SAC Intellectual Property

Esterline R&D's patent pending M-SAC intellectual property, advances the state of the art in oscillator environmental compensation technology. For use directly in oscillators or embedded at the system level, it allows for the improvement of frequency deviation caused by environmental factors such as temperature and trim.



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