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Here at Esterline Research and Design, we place a high value on both education and ease of client experience. With this in mind, we created our design blog, not only to help familiarize our customers with our products and their function, but also as a reference resource for those curious about the RF industry at large.

As the design blog develops throughout 2022, expect to encounter deep dives into our products and testing services as well as educational breakdowns of many aspects of the frequency control industry. We'll also provide a look behind the curtain at our design process, giving a peek into how our products evolve from inception to release. 

We hope our design blog will generate questions and discussion about the topics covered and the frequency control industry at large. Please feel free to engage with our posts in the comments section, as we will check them regularly and make an effort to respond as soon as possible.

For those interested in news, product announcements, and all other things ERD, we also have our news blog which will house those sorts of announcements.

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