Esterline Research and Design proudly introduces our LGT900. This 1 PPS-disciplined TCXO leverages our proprietary MSAC compensation architecture to maintain lock to a 1 PPS signal.

Key Features:

1.) Outstanding Free-Run Stability: In the absence of a customer-supplied 1 PPS signal input, the LGT900 can achieve a frequency stability of less than +/- 2.00 ppb across the industrial operating temperature range.

2.) Superior Locked Performance: When locked to a 1 PPS input, the LGT900 demonstrates a frequency accuracy of less than +/- 0.5 ppb, responding precisely to specified operating temperature changes.

3.) Exceptional Acceleration Sensitivity: The LGT900 can deliver performance of less than 0.01 ppb/G under vibration, translating to minimal phase noise degradation, even in high-vibration conditions. Among externally disciplined oscillators, the LGT900 stands unparalleled with its performance under vibration.

4.) Advanced Turn-on Characteristics: The LGT900 exhibits turn-on stability within +/-150 ppb of final frequency after just 1 second of runtime – before signal lock to nominal frequency. This is notably superior to many OCXO product offerings.

5.) Reliable Long-Term Aging: The LGT900 offers impressive aging options, with options as low as +/-100 ppb over 20 years available.

As a leader in frequency control, Esterline Research and Design remains committed to providing innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies. The LGT900 is a testament to our dedication to precision and quality despite some end-user applications' strenuous environmental requirements.