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NPA: DA200 Distribution Amplifiers

NPA: DA200 Distribution Amplifiers

Product Announcement: DA200 Distribution Amplifier

Introducing the DA200 Distribution Amplifier, the latest addition to our line of embeddable distribution amplifiers. The DA200 is designed to facilitate the delivery of a low noise RF signal to multiple output points while maintaining signal fidelity. The DA200 offers many of the tried and true features of our popular DA100 series while providing a substantially lower phase noise floor.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Output Configuration: One input supplies five outputs
  • Connector Flexibility: Choose from five connector configurations
  • Exceptional Isolation: High isolation between outputs.
  • Output Leveling: Built-in limiter circuit for consistent output.
  • Low Phase Offset: Less than 5 ns at 10 MHz from input to any output.
  • Daisy-Chaining: Expandable for larger systems with minimal phase variation.
  • Embeddable in Larger Systems: The DA200s small profile and mounting screw holes make it easy to embed in larger designs.

The DA200 is ideal for systems that require:

  • Distributed RF signals
  • Low noise amplification
  • Phase-matched outputs
  • Easy RF supply to engineering test benches.

Functional Overview:

The DA200 enhances signal distribution through a straightforward design that supports a wide range of input power levels. Its dual amplifier/low-pass filter stages are optimized for low-distortion sine wave outputs, and a 2 dB pad ensures matched output impedance. The DA200 is engineered for scalability, allowing for daisy-chained configurations while striving to keep phase offsets to a minimum across connections.

For more information, you can view the complete specification sheet, visit the product page, or contact our sales department directly.

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