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SCH300 Ultra-Stable OCXOs

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Key Features:

  • Standard Frequencies: 10, 12.8, 20, 25, and 100 MHz
  • SMT package (22 mm x 25.4 mm)
  • Temperature stability options up to +/- 0.25 ppb
  • 3.3V or 5.0V supply options
  • CMOS or Sine Output
  • RoHS Compliant / Lead Free

    Common Applications:

    • SATCOM terminals
    • Cellular base stations
    • Test Instrumentation
    • Microwave Communications
    • Military communication systems

      Functional Description:

      The SCH300 highly stable product family utilizes Esterline Research and Design’s patented MSAC compensation architecture to improve performance over the entire operating temperature range.

      Traditionally, this level of stability over temperature has only been available in double-oven oscillators.

      Harnessing the power of our MSAC technology, the SCH300 series OXCO is able to achieve these ultra-high levels of stability in a single-oven design. Naturally, this results in a significantly smaller footprint, ideal for higher-level designs where space is at a premium. Additionally, the absence of a second oven provides a notable savings in power consumption.

      This design allows the user to choose frequency stabilities as precise as ±0.25 ppb over the operating temperature range.


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