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When does the Design Phase End?

As we approached the point of bringing our first product to market, packaging became a focal point. It only makes sense to ship high end, high precision electronic gear in the most secure way possible, but does it matter what it looks like? That was the question...

 Typical outer packaging

Bad example of inside packaging

So, if it’s already been purchased, is there anything to gain from packaging appeal?

If you’ve ever bought something from Apple (for example), you’ve seen the difference first hand.
With Apple, packaging appeal is given nearly as much consideration as the product itself. I can’t speak for everyone, but as an Apple consumer I look forward to the unpacking of a new product. In fact, I still have every box from every Apple product I’ve purchased. I can’t say that about any other brand.

So, if your business model is framed around quality from the very beginning – why stop at the last minute and skimp on the packaging? I think we answered our own question. We shouldn’t.

Let’s face it, who among us doesn’t love opening up some new gear when it arrives in the mail? Isn’t it even better when that new gear comes in a well-designed package?

 ER&D DA-10M0 outer packaging

ER&D DA-10M0 inside packaging

Of course there is a limit to this concept. Nobody wants to pay more for cosmetics, but in reality they don’t have to. The most important factor is clearly protecting the merchandise, which gets the highest priority, but finding the balance between cost effectiveness and cosmetic appeal can be a real challenge. Considering our motto at ER&D is “Challenge Accepted” we are confident we found the right balance.  We hope you agree.

We look forward to your feedback following the release of our RF Distribution Amp (DA-10M0) coming real soon.  



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William Richard - June 9, 2022

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