ER&D DA-10M0 Embeddable RF Distribution AmpThe new ER&D DA-10M0 5 channel 10 Mhz distribution amp features SMA inputs and outputs with optional programmable output power.

Input power is supplied via wall wart or screw terminals.  With a 3.5" x 3.3" x 0.5" footprint, this distribution amplifier can be embedded in larger RF systems requiring low noise distribution of reference signals or used as a standalone DA.

The default option is discrete filtering set for 10MHz reference distribution.  However any custom frequency (up to 100MHz) can be accommodated, upon request.

"What's great about this module is that it's something we have immediate use for ourselves"

At ER&D we do a good amount of testing.  With a single 10M Rubidium, for example, 3 of these (daisy chainable) distribution amps would increase our output from 1 to 13 channels, with minimal impact on reference signal quality - and we can always add more as needed.

Meanwhile, the DA-10M0 is a critical component in the development of our larger multi channel RF frequency counter system (currently in development).

With the original goal of developing an embeddable module, strong shielding requirements were necessary in the design.   With that in mind, the nickel-silver cover was ideal for both practical purposes and aesthetic appeal as a standalone option.  

At a price point that is more than competitive, we are excited to introduce the DA-10M0 10 MHz Distribution Amplifier to market in the very near future.  Pricing and options will be made available via our website.  As engineers who often shop for components, we know how frustrating it can be when we see the dreaded "contact us for pricing" statement.  With that in mind, we intend to bring any and all of our products to you with the pricing included.  

Stay tuned for the product launch, coming soon...



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