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Timing is everything - Setting a new standard in Clock Generators

Being in the Frequency Control industry, we commonly run across the need to generate specific signals for testing circuits.

For development and proof of concept, a stable clock generator is a standard piece of equipment. Although single channel clock generators are found in labs everywhere, they generally come in a big form factor with a big price tag.

With the goal of adding capability, while reducing size and cost - The CG5 comes in a sleek 3.5" x 3.3" x 0.5" case and connects to a desktop or laptop which eliminates the need for a bulky and costly integrated display.
A clock generator found in a lab might require a cart to bring it to your testing area
Typical EE Lab Instruments ER&D CGS-10M0
Clock Generator Instrument
 The CG5 offers 5 times the capability and is small enough to fit in your pocket.
(Generating 5 channels of simultaneous output from a single source)
As we continue to design and build high-end RF testing equipment, the demand for smaller, low cost alternatives to traditional options is clear – even in our own lab. Along the way, we welcome input from industry experts and hobbyists alike. If you have an idea or suggestion, we’d love to hear it.

Key Features of the ER&D CG5 Clock Generator Instrument include:
  • Generate 5 independent channels of CMOS clock signals from 0.01 Hz to 128 MHz simultaneously
  • Define custom duty cycle (resolution of 12.5 ns set-ability)
  • Complementary outputs available over the entire frequency range
  • Define phase shift between channels (resolution of 12.5 ns set-ability)
  • Frequency derived from 5 MHz crystal as a default, but external 10 MHz can be applied for greater precision in output frequency generated
  • USB powered
  • PC GUI interface
  • BNC or SMA connectors available


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