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Oscillator Testing Services

Oscillator Testing Services

Esterline Research and Design harnesses the power of 100 years of collective precision oscillator clock reference design, process and testing knowledge to offer government research labs, military electronics contractors, mobile/satcom communications equipment makers, and precision oscillator device manufacturers a comprehensive understanding of performance across all aspects of clock reference behavior.

Esterline Research and Design utilizes world class testing methodologies and proprietary test instrumentation to extract valuable insights on long-term aging, short-term stability, static phase noise, frequency stability/microjumps over operating temperature, dynamic phase noise performance under vibration, acceleration sensitivity, and a variety of specialty tests based on military standards and customer-specific environmental conditions. 

At the end of the data collection process, ERD will compile and summarize the test data into user friendly test reports depicting performance variables (customizable per customer specific needs, examples shown below).

As an addendum to our user-friendly test reports, ERD can offer substantial frequency-control industry context to the data collected.  This context may include content to aid in fault analysis, enhanced process controls, and/or application suitability. 

Esterline Research and Design can serve organizations as a highly objective outside testing service during the overwhelming process of verifying product performance claims of competing frequency-control suppliers.  Esterline Research and Design can save organizations months of manpower requirements needed to review very subjective test reporting offered by frequency-control competitors; can save organizations tens of thousands of dollars in specialized test equipment needed for performance verification; and, can provide organizations with that frequency-control insight which provides a significant competitive advantage in their end product or service.

For more information please call our experienced application engineering staff at 717-348-5326 or 630-201-7141.

Example Reports 

Frequency versus Temperature


Long Term Aging




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