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A Handy-Dandy Crystal Oscillator Kit, and why you need it.

ER&D - XO101 Crystal Oscillator KitContinuing with our concept that individual components necessary for building our larger test systems can often (by themselves) be useful - we give you the XO101 Crystal Oscillator Kit.

Electrical engineers, EE Students and the like, often need a reference (time base) frequency to work from.  The XO101 kit includes a series of oscillators with common frequencies, ranging from 1MHz to 40MHz.  Wether you need a basic clock oscillator to complete a project, or a solid time base for reference purposes, we believe you will find this kit useful. 

"Sometimes you have an idea that requires a specific signal source to accurately flush it out.  Having a kit with a wide range of options available is quite handy.  An oscillator kit like this is a great addition to any electrical engineers toolbox" - Alan Snavely, COO

ER&D also expects to offer an evaluation board with our next kit, that will allow users to easily interface with their test equipment and measure oscillator parameters.

Some of the parameters you can expect to measure with our forth coming Oscillator / Eval Board Kit include:

Frequency Pulling


Wave Form Characteristics

Current Consumption

Phase Noise



We expect to release this Evaluation Board and Crystal Oscillator Kit in the very near future.
For updates on this and other product releases check our website regularly or follow us on Twitter.

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