We are excited to announce the launch of the H300 Series10MHz OCXO, a highly reliable and precision-engineered frequency reference source designed to meet the demanding needs of a wide array of RF applications, including SDH/SONET, cellular base stations, test instrumentation, synthesizers, and SATCOM terminals.

Key Features of the H300 10MHz OCXO:

  • Standard 10 MHz Frequency: Ensures compatibility with a broad range of RF systems.
  • Compact Design: Housed in a 25.8 mm x 25.8 mm x 12.8 mm package, ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • Exceptional Temperature Stability: Offers ±3 ppb stability over an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.
  • 5.0V Supply & 4.0V Reference Voltage Output: Provides versatile power options and a stable reference for effective control voltage generation.
  • CMOS Output: Ensures compatibility with modern digital circuits.

Efficiency and Reliability in a Compact Package: The H300 OCXO is distinguished by its industry-standard 10 MHz frequency and a proven track record of high reliability in volume production. This large-scale production not only ensures consistent quality but also positions the H300 as a cost-effective solution for diverse RF applications.

Advanced Temperature Stability: The H300's temperature stability is a standout feature, with a performance of ±3 ppb over a wide temperature range, surpassing many competitors in the same package size. This makes the H300 particularly suited for applications requiring precise frequency control under varying environmental conditions.

Designed for Versatility: The compact dimensions of the H300 make it an ideal choice for applications with limited space. Additionally, the optional reference voltage output feature of the H300 allows for less temperature-induced skew in control voltage (EFC), enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the system.

The H300 10MHz OCXO is not just a component; it's a commitment to quality and reliability, ensuring that your RF systems perform at their best, even under the most demanding conditions.

For more information about the H300 10MHz OCXO and how it can benefit your applications, please visit the product page.