NPA: T20HS - Compact and Reliable TCXOs

by Kier Harris on January 21, 2024   |  0 Comments

Introducing the T20HS Series, a dependable and compact TCXO solution. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of RF applications, the T20HS combines solid performance with a practical, slim design.

Introducing Our LGT900 1-PPS-Disciplined TXCO

by Kier Harris on October 21, 2023   |  0 Comments

Esterline Research and Design introduces the LGT900, a highly stable and precise 1 PPS-disciplined TCXO, designed to excel in challenging environments and ensure reliable long-term performance.

LGT500 Ultra-Low-G TCXOs -- Available Now

by Kier Harris on August 17, 2022   |  0 Comments

      Our LGT 500 Series TCXOs offer ultra low G-Sensitivity as low as 0.005 ppb/g. The LGT 500 also integrates our patented M-SAC technology to achieve temperature stability unobtainable by other TCXO designs. To learn more, check out our product page.   

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NPA: LGT300 Ultra-Low G-Sensitivity TCXO

by John Esterline on February 03, 2020   |  0 Comments

NPA: LGT300 Ultra-Low G-Sensitivity TCXO Esterline Research and Design is pleased to announce the release of a new Ultra-Low-G product family.  By incorporating our patented MSAC compensation architecture as an additional layer of precise compensation applied to a ultra-low acceleration sensitivity TCXO design, the new LGT300 series achieves frequency stability performance of less than ±5 ppb over the temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.    The LGT300 design platform can deliver world class acceleration sensitivity of less than 0.005 ppb/g TOTAL GAMMA, translating into minimal phase noise degradation under vibration.  This makes the LGT300 perfectly suitable for high vibration and shock environments, such as industrial construction equipment,..

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