Esterline Research and Design is pleased to announce the release of a new Ultra-Low-G product family.  By incorporating our patented MSAC compensation architecture as an additional layer of precise compensation applied to a ultra-low G- sensitivity TCXO design, the new LGT500 series achieves frequency stability performance of less than ±5 ppb over the temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.    The LGT500 design platform can deliver world class acceleration sensitivity of less than 0.005 ppb/g TOTAL GAMMA, translating into minimal phase noise degradation under vibration.  This makes the LGT500 perfectly suitable for high vibration and shock environments, such as industrial construction equipment, autonomous agricultural vehicles, commercial and military aircraft, and smart munitions, etc.

Other unique performance features include the option of ordering ±1000 ppm frequency pulling and long-term aging drift of less than ±100 ppb over 20 years of continuous operation.

Other standard/custom package options can be considered as part of the customer requirements negotiation.


For more information please call our experienced application engineering staff at 717-348-5326 or 630-201-7141.