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Long Term Aging Testing

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Note: Price shown above is budgetary pricing for a screen at room temperature over 30 days.  Please contact us for pricing inquiries for long-term aging test services. Price varies based on quantity, temperature range and desired aging time.

The long term drift or aging performance of an oscillator is one of the metrics used to ensure the unit's compliance and suitability to remain in specification over the lifetime of the application. We can perform long-term aging on virtually any electronic oscillator or crystal.  Custom test fixtures and test profiles can be created to support any customer footprint and temperatures. 



Common Oscillator Types Tested:

  • XO (Crystal Oscillator) 

  • VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator)

  • TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator)

  • VCTCXO (Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator)

  • TCVCXO (Temperature CompensatedVoltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator)

  • OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator)

  • VCOCXO (Voltage Controlled Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator)

  • DOCXO (Double Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator)

  • MEMS Oscillator  (Microelectromechanical System Oscillator)


Our testing method can accommodate both AC-cut and SC-cut resonators in a variety of modes and packages. For other crystal cuts, modes, or packages contact us to tailor a test to your specific needs.


    • Fundamental
      • 3rd Overtone
          • 5th Overtone


              • Strip Packages
                • HC-45
                • HC-40
                • HC-37 / TO-8
                • HC-35 / TO-5
                  • UM-1