The new Pick and Place is in place...

by Wayne Lesperance on July 08, 2014   |  0 Comments

As much fun as it is to hand build a PCB, it can be awfully time consuming.  Prototyping a single board isn't so bad, but once you have the final design nailed down it's just intricate busy work.Today we got our new Pick and Place Machine all set up and tested and we're pretty excited about it.  It's not a large scale model, but it's perfect for what we need.  Given we are primarily a R&D company and not a big manufacturing facility, it's ideal for our needs. After doing some due diligence, we decided to go with the Dengxin..

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RF Distribution Amp - A useful module

by Wayne Lesperance on July 02, 2014   |  0 Comments

To design our high precision RF test gear, the design of several key subsystems was needed.  These subsystems have potential to be useful tools and embeddable subsystems for other users, so we have decided to bring them to market. The first module in development is a low noise Multi-Channel 10 MHz Distribution Amp for distribution of a high precision frequency references. This 5 channel distribution amp will feature SMA inputs and outputs with optional programmable output power.   Input power is supplied via wall wart, screw terminals (+6VDC), or USB power from PC.  With a 3.5" x 3.3" x 0.5"..

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Building a prototype

by John Esterline on January 15, 2014   |  0 Comments

In the world of Research & Design, the most rewarding time is generally when the two come together in the form of a prototype.  Last evening was no exception.  The MI-100 Multi-Instrument tool is not at the high end of products in our pipeline, but it has broad application and is exceptionally useful to the education and engineering enthusiast.  We know this because it’s what inspired us to design and build it in the first place.   The MI-100 brings several instruments together in one small, portable package.  The MI-100 has a 2 channel oscilloscope, frequency counter, 3 signal generation..

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