SCH101 Series OCXO

SCH101 Series OCXO

by Esterline Research & Design
$ 1,088.21
Note: Prices shown above are budgetary and for a 10 MHz SCH101 with an operational temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. For other frequencies and configurations, contact us.

Data Sheet

Key Features:

  • Double-oven performance in a single-oven design
  • Unmatched wide-temperature-range stability
  • Ultra-low phase noise
  • Temperature stability as low as ±0.2 ppb

Common Applications:

  • Test Instrumentation
  • Satcom terminals
  • Broadcast Reference Standard
  • Military Weapon/Communications Systems

Functional Description:

Through the implementation of our patent-pending M-SAC technology, the new SCH series of software-compensated OCXOs is able to provide unparalleled temperature performance across the Industrial Temperature Range and beyond.  In addition, no other device on the market can offer a comparable performance ratio of temperature stability to input power.  

Unlike traditional OCXO products, SCH-series OCXOs are compensated for trim effect to ensure that
temperature stability performance is maintained as the frequency is adjusted to correct for drift over time (aging).  The SCH-series of OCXOs also enjoys a higher immunity to orientation and airflow effects, as
compared to other contemporary OCXO designs.

The standard CO8, or “EURO” package makes the SCH-series OCXO ideal for upgrading existing applications to provide improved temperature stability or to expand the application’s operational temperature range.


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